Actionable App Analytics

Avoid speculation and embrace our app analytics suite to uplift user engagement and mobile conversions by 2X

Visualize user journeys

User Path Analysis

Visualise the most common in-app navigational user journeys to feature discovery, conversion, or uninstall. Zoom in to analyse how dynamic user segments progress between pre-defined app events and the time between and frequency attributed to these.

These insights help you identify the right time to engage with personalised multi-channel marketing campaigns. Also, easily isolate points of friction causing drop-offs to fix your UI or platform experience to bring users back to your app, repeatedly.

Optimise paths to conversion using qualitative insights around in-app interactions

Rich Qualitative Analysis

Don’t just restrict yourself to dynamic user segments. Dive deeper at an individual user level to get qualitative insights around in-app interactions, time spent on each app screen, and the live app performance during each session.

Truly understand granular user behaviour to optimise paths to conversion and the platform experience. Allow these insights to add another dimension to user path analysis as you craft hyper-contextual mobile marketing campaigns at scale.

Identify reasons for app uninstalls

Uninstall Analysis

Categorise your uninstalled users based on which stage they were at in their user journey when they uninstalled the app. Group these users according to their reason for uninstall spanning factors including app performance, usability, and past user behaviour.

Hang on, though! You can do much more. You can analyse the most common factors attributable to uninstalls and isolate the vulnerable events responsible for all your uninstalls. Take remedial action to reduce the frequency of such vulnerable events.

Get app retention insights to nudge other user segments to drive retention

Retention Analysis

Understand the key behaviours of retained users based on retention metrics across days, weeks, months, and custom time periods. Use these insights to nudge other user segments towards higher retention by getting them to perform the same or similar in-app actions.

Go one step further and identify the major habit-forming app features that are driving higher usage, based on the interactions of retained users. Subtly nudge other users towards these features within their user paths to get them hooked to your app.

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