Customer Data Platform

Integrating customer data across multiple touch points to
create a unified customer view of every individual customer


Customer Data Platform

Unified Customer View

CDP ensures that none of your customer data points fall between the cracks. Every interaction a customer has with your brand through the website, mobile apps, emails and every other channel you own, both offline and online is a goldmine of data. CDP stitches all these data points together to give you unified profile of every customer you’ve ever had.

Get all the data you need

Managing data is not a new thing for marketers. There are many software out there than can capture the right data for you. But what matters is capturing the right data. CDP captures customer attributes like name, contact details, email etc, behavioural data like user activity across channels, and transactional data like purhcase history. CDP creates a meaning out of all these data to help marketers implement effective marketing campaigns.

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Fill the gap in existing solutions

The beauty of CDP lies in its ability to ingest data in any format, convert it into a usable format, and make customer profiles available to other systems. Stay up to date by capturing data in real time to make more accurate decisions, again, all in real-time.

Delivering Personalized Experience

Every customer out there is looking for a personalized experience that is unique to them. With CDP you know ‘the next best offer’ you need to give your customers to keep them engaged at every stage across multiple touch-points. Higher conversion rates, increasing revenues and loyalty of a huge customer base is what you get.

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