5 Push Notification Campaigns to Leverage the Valentine’s Week Fervor!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and the buzz is already in the air. No matter how hard you try to resist it, Valentine’s Day always gets noticed. Every brand today wants to get a bite from this opportunistic cake.

Regardless of the business you operate in, this day poses a golden marketing opportunity for you to connect with your users through super relevant and hyper personalised messaging, and boost user engagement, retention, and generate higher revenues.

Here are 5 push notification campaign ideas that you can send to make the most of the Valentine’s Day fever!

1. Promote Deals on Gifts

Consumer spends on Valentine’s Day in India has been rising, with 79% of them having the urge to gift their loved ones. More than 78% consumers in India wait for online sales before actually buying the gift. According to a report, last year’s Valentine’s day sales reached a record $20.1 billion worth of products only in the US. Consumers have evolved in terms of buying gifts. They no longer just buy gifts to their partners but also to their friends and loved ones.

Using Smartech, you can segment your users based on their past buying behaviour and interests, and target them with special offers and discounts for the special occasion.

Promote Deals on Gifts Valentines Day

2. Send Food Delivery and Dine Out Offers

From going out on romantic dates to ordering heart shaped cakes – everyone has it planned for their significant others. And food delivery apps and restaurants benefit big time on the Valentine’s Day.

Leverage the actionable insights based on your user’s past food/cuisine preferences and send them deals that they can’t resist. Use geo-targeting to send your users location-based deals from restaurants and cafes.

Send Food Delivery and Dine Out Offers

3. Offer Travel Discounts

Most consumers plan a quick getaway during the Valentine’s week to make some memories with their loved ones. Use predictive analytics to find out which user segments are most likely to make the last minute plans. Design and send personalised messages that drive more conversions.

food app push notification exmaple

4. Send Media Content Recommendations

Not everyone has a Valentine’s Day plan. Yes, there are people who love to cozy up and spend some quality time with their loved ones.

If you are a media OTT app, send recommendations of classic romantic movies, rom-com series, and if you are a music streaming app send recommendations of most loved songs, evergreen love songs, and Valentine’s Day playlists etc.

media OTT app recommendations push notification

5. Offer Deals on Gifting Experiences

There’s nothing wrong in going old school. But honestly, buying flowers, cakes, chocolates and jewelleries are a cliché. Consumers today prefer broadening their horizon with unique gifting ideas. One such is gifting their loved ones a memorable experience.

If you are a ticket-booking app, send offers on music concerts, adventure getaways, nature walks, etc. Ensure you send such campaigns well in advance so that your users can make their plans.

travel app push notification example

Regardless of the industry you belong to, Valentine’s Day presents great opportunities for marketers like you to engage and re-engage with your users and make them feel special.

Remember to send your users a Valentine’s Day wish!

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Ritu Poddar

Ritu Poddar

Ritu is a Technical Writer & Content Developer by profession, and a Poet & Creative Writer by passion. She works as Assistant Manager, Content Development at Netcore.

Join 20,000 Marketers who get our Blog Emails Every Week!

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