Push Amplification: Exceptional Delivery Rates Are No Longer a “Mission Impossible”

Smartech’s latest feature now helps turbo-charge your mobile marketing strategy

Mobile marketing can often be an uphill battle against continuously rising competition in an already cluttered app market, fluctuating brand loyalty, and diminishing returns on investment!

Set in this backdrop, push notifications constitute a major weapon in your user engagement arsenal. While this channel may have continued to serve you well, there can be situations where technological limitations or firewalls let you down.

This means that all your exceptionally crafted campaigns might not get delivered to certain segments of your user base at all, leaving you firefighting your way towards higher app monetisation and user retention, all on your own.

This undermines your effectiveness as a data-driven mobile marketing agent, significantly!

What you need is a super-agent that will help you “neutralise” the “enemies” of falling push notification delivery and save the day!

What you need is the Ethan Hunt of mobile marketing that no longer makes incredible delivery rates an impossible mission!

Enter Netcore Smartech’s new Push Amplification feature!

Your push notification delivery guardian angel that empowers you to boost delivery rates by 30% across devices.

Let’s examine just how this feature can add more teeth to your mobile marketing automation at scale.

The Roadblock

Android OS: Android-powered Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, and LeEco, amongst other smartphone companies, are optimised for functionality over and above the stock Android OS.

The adoption of these Chinese manufactured smartphones has exploded globally over the last 3 years, and currently account for 37% of market share. In fact, in India alone, their market share currently stands at 53%, up from 34% in 2017.

Over a period of time, it has been observed that these OEMs restrict background processes related to certain apps so as to conserve battery life and processor bandwidth. As a result, push notifications from many apps aren’t delivered at all or are delivered in extremely limited quantity, as the vital link between the push gateway (either GCM or FCM) and the smartphone device is severed.

This causes your campaigns to lose their relevance, regardless of how personalised or contextual they maybe, especially if they aren’t delivered in a timely fashion. Not only do these in-built restrictions adversely affect your delivery rates, but they also create gaps in your user engagement strategy, for absolutely no fault of your own!

Apple iOS: The Apple iPhone has globally captured a market share of almost 16%. Closer home, in India, it accounts for 3% of the smartphone market, and is the has a 14% market share in the INR 30,000 + category.

When it comes to mobile app engagement, there are occasions when your push notifications might not get delivered at the discretion of the gateway in question, Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

This can majorly erode the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns that depend on push notifications as a delivery channel.

The Antidote

Netcore Smartech’s Push Amplification helps you address your notification deliverability woes based on proprietary technology experienced on both Android and iOS devices.

Android OS: After seamless integration, every elaborate push notification campaign that you run for your app is pushed to your selected audiences from Netcore Smartech’s servers through either the GCM or FCM gateway.

There will be devices on which your campaign gets delivered, and there will be Chinese OEM devices on which delivery might fail. The SDK then makes a network call to a specific Smartech API that in-turn pushes all those non-delivered notifications to the user.

Apple iOS: For Apple devices, your relevant notification campaigns are pushed to your selected user segments from Netcore Smartech’s servers through the APNS gateway.

In the event of non-delivery at the device level, a similar network call is made to the specific Smartech API. Based upon the response received, it renders all those undelivered push notifications for that particular user.

Worried about all your notifications hitting this segment of your users at once?

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered!

Smartech allows you to push undelivered notifications to the above devices across exponential time intervals of your choice. This enables you to nurture your users across the app user lifecycle, from engagement and monetization to long-term retention, without overwhelming them with ill-timed high volume communication.

Learn how you can further drive higher conversions through push notifications through our free e-book, right here!

The Fallout

Android OS: Netcore’s Smartech Push Amplification feature will eventually help you boost campaign delivery rates by 30% on these OEM smartphones. Additionally, the battery life of your users’ devices is not greatly affected through these protocols.

Android devices running on Marshmallow and above end up consuming less than 1% of battery life due to the high degree of device optimisation, while those running on Lollipop or lower consume 2-3% of battery life.

Apple iOS: Similarly, this feature allows you to boost push notification delivery rates by 30%.

The battery life in question is also expended to an extent of less than 1% as the processor gets utilised only when your app is relaunched.

All in all, Smartech’s Push Amplification lays the foundation for you to get the most out of your mobile user engagement strategy, one carefully created AI-powered hyper-personalised campaign at a time.

Watch this video to know how can you increase the push notification delivery rates through Push Amplification.

Watch this Small Video to Know How can you Increase The Push Notification Delivery Rates through Push Amplification

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How to get 30% boost for your app push notification delivery rates & CTRs? Simple – Push Amplification.
Click here for a Demo of this Unique Feature of Smartech!

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Pradyut Hande

Pradyut Hande

A data-driven marketing strategist with a hard-nosed penchant for frugal innovation, Pradyut is the Senior Growth Marketer & Product Evangelist at Netcore's Smartech.

Join 20,000 Marketers who get our Blog Emails Every Week!

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