Month: November 2017


The Debate on Outsourced vs. In-House Analytics

Once upon a time, when brands needed to test the performance of their product or campaign ideas, they would busy themselves organizing focus groups and conducting tedious market surveys to figure out if were on the right track. Subsequent business decisions would often be based on the inadequate results, past learnings and a strong gut feeling. While this approach probably simplified things to a certain extent, the results were not always reliable.

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Why Integrated Analytics Should Drive Your Marketing Strategy

The myriad ways in which consumers interact with brands, grow more complex and sophisticated with each passing year. Digital points of engagement are constantly on the rise and marketers face mounting challenges in understanding, assimilating and then responding to the needs and wants of their customers. Correspondingly, there has been an increase in the number of tools and platforms available to make sense of this data overload. But this just leads to a different problem – siloes of data stacks from multiple vendors. Vendors working on different aspects like website analytics or SMS, are not really concerned with how their data integrates together with customer transactional data and helps marketers make the right customer-centric decisions. Ultimately, marketers are left struggling to gain a composite view of their customers’ behaviour and the ROI of their marketing activities.

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How an Integrated 360-Degree View of the Customer can Boost your Marketing

Today every industry is looking forward to ‘disrupt’. No longer satisfied with merely growing sustainably, organizations today seek to challenge the status quo. And they seek to do it often. Can you blame them? Rapidly evolving customer behaviour is the trajectory along with which businesses need to move. Competition is fierce and customers are not a forgiving lot.  Research shows that a shocking 50% of customers stopped doing business with a company immediately after one bad sales/marketing experience, 25% aired their grievances on social media and 54% turned to competitors.

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How can the Securities Industry benefit from Browser Push Notifications?

Browser Push Notification (BPN) is one channel that is ruling the roost when it comes to engaging existing customers and prospects, when they are not onsite. Even in generating leads, and engaging the anonymous visitors, nothing beats Browser Push Notifications.

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A Detailed Comparison: Netcore Smartech Cross Channel Funnel versus Others

Yes, you would have heard of Funnels and the wonders they can do to your marketing efficacy! Netcore Smartech with its ever advancing features, presents one of the best Funnels in the industry

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Unlocking Consumer Parallelism through Analytics

Being a middle school student is not as simple as it used to be. Today it is all about group projects, hands-on experiments, and research-intensive assignments. And however tech-savvy most children are these days, it’s up to the parents to provide a little support when it comes to internet research on suggestions, ideas, and information beyond the textbook. In fact, as the father of a young boy, a lot of my own Google search terms are along the lines of: ‘scale model of the solar system’, ‘molecular structure of hydrocarbons’ and famous historical characters like Lala Lajpat Rai and Nelson Mandela.

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The Rainbow of Martech Services

Who does not like seeing a rainbow in the sky? It is one of most amazing visual treats – simple yet elegant, unexpectedly mesmerising. It quickly brings a smile on your face. The 7 distinct colours come together to draw the beautiful arch in the vast sky. Can you imagine a rainbow with, let alone few, even one colour missing? It would not be as pretty as we know it, right?

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