Month: October 2017


3 Most Effective Conversion Funnels for BFSI

You know how much efforts and investment you are putting in achieving your business goal. Analysing the success versus failure is as important as the effort itself. Knowing the funnel from top to bottom of any business allows one to decide how to market, where to focus to squeeze out extra profit, and how well the business is actually doing. Let us understand a few classic cases in the BFSI domain, where funnel analytics is the best way to get those business insights.

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20 Creative Ways to use Browser Push Notifications

We all know the benefits of having fresh fruits and vegetables. But unless we have them regularly, we cannot see the results. We have been talking about the amazing things Browser Push Notifications (BPN) can do for your business. Here are 20 browser notifications examples that can help you get started with web notifications.

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Unleash the Untold Potential of Unsubscribes

With all the effort that goes into getting an email into a subscribed inbox, and more importantly, getting it opened, the last thing an email marketer wants is for someone to unsubscribe!  Although unsubscribes may seem like a personal rejection, they really aren’t such a bad thing for your business. In fact, Unsubscribes can actually make your email deliverability stronger, and hence contribute to growing a healthy online customer base.

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Sending Offers to Customers for Items they have Already Purchased?

One of my friends was planning a vacation and he started his search for best packages online as well as through emails and apps of several travel companies. He enquired by sending a request for specific packages and shared his email and mobile number. Finally, after thorough research he purchased a package from one of the travel companies and was delighted that he got the best package at the cheapest possible rate.

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4 Tips to Improve your Email Open Rates

Sending marketing or transactional emails is all in a day’s work for marketers today. However, how do you actually ensure that the mail you spent so much time and effort on is actually making an impact? Are your customers actually opening the mail? Or, are your mails being deleted or trashed without even a thought?

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