Month: August 2017


7 Proven Email Marketing Tips for Start-ups

Email marketing can be the most valuable tool to help new businesses gain visibility at a relatively low cost. While social media marketing or online advertising may be in vogue now, email is still the most effective way to engage with an audience, in terms of ROI. Statistics show that approximately 91% consumers check their primary email account daily – this certainly sounds very promising but it poses a huge challenge too. With approximately 122 billion emails flooding inboxes across the globe every minute, how does one cut through the clutter to get noticed? How do you, as a start-up, grab eyeballs and begin building your brand? Here are some tips to get you started.

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Cinepolis India Performs Data Enrichment Programme and Drives Maximum Customer Engagement using Netcore Smartech

Today I’m going to talk about one of our award-winning client campaigns that recently made it to CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in Branding and Marketing 2017 for the “Best use of Marketing Automation and Analytics”.

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5-point checklist: Is it time to invest in Marketing Automation?

Few years ago, SMS marketing was the buzz word. But with increasing TRAI regulations and interconnect charges, it lost the steam. Then, email marketing became the new kid on the block. After achieving huge success, came social media marketing with claims that “Email is dead” which is truly not the case. But social media has taken off lot of investments from marketers primarily to acquire new customers. Now there is a lot of buzz around “marketing automation” and technology taking jobs of humans. So should marketers be worried??

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Leverage Transactional Emails to Accelerate Sales

With digital taking over the entire world and transforming all businesses and human interactions, conventional emails are not good enough anymore. Not if your goal is to generate leads and boost sales. Highly customised, deeply personalised, more relevant and much more engaging, transactional emails are triggered by the users themselves. So, naturally, there’s a higher level of customer interest and brand engagement that follow a purchase or any other kind of interaction, and transactional emails can take advantage of this simple fact and drive brand engagement.

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